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Marty Ladin, Funniest Pigeon Flyer in America

Marty LadinI have many friends in the sport, and most of them are all about pigeons. However, there are a few that have pigeons but are friends for another reason. Some guys simply bring something else to the table, and without them, the sport would lose! My good friend Marty Ladin is certainly one of these.

In my 35 years in the sport, no one has ever brought a smile to my face like Marty. Marty is a great pigeon man and he has the record to prove it, and I don’t want to diminish that in any way. However, this guy is the funniest individual I have ever been around. All my coworkers can’t wait for me to return from California so that they can hear the latest Marty story. My wife loves him…..well at least until he started calling her “Mrs. Book.”

These days, I need things that make me happy and oddly one of those things is the relationship between Ed Lorenz and Marty. They have flown against each other for years, and it is a credit to both of them that they can remain such good friends. They love to kid each other, and they both know how to push the other’s buttons. When I leave this sport, this relationship will be high on my list of memories.

I enjoy nothing more than to pick up the phone and hear, “May I speak to the Book, please,” or “Don Knox is 70, but he is a young 70. Book is 46, but he is an old 70. His health is deplorable! He’s not a well man.” Once while I was coming home from California, he called Mrs. Book and told her she should have some chicken soup ready for me when I got there because he was afraid that I wasn’t going to make it.

That is Marty for you.