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Review of a 2004 GSR Auction seminar in Minnesota

by Chuck Stensrud

Seminar recomendations from pigeon fanciers

Richard Clingan (Australian Racing Pigeon Journal), and others wrote these introductions for a seminar in 2004.


Seminars are always an enjoyable way for people to learn various aspects about the sport; therefore, over the last several years, I have conducted several seminars on eyesign and breeding for organizations around the country. (I'm willing to speak on other topics, but to date these have been the most popular topics.)

Unfortunately, seminars require travel time, which in turn eats into my vacation time, so I restrict the number of seminars that I am willing to do to one or two a year. In fact, when considering travel, the average seminar takes approximately two days of vacation time and four days total.

As partial compensation for my time and effort, I generally offer to grade pigeons in the vicinity of the seminar. My price for grading is $3 per pigeon. Generally, I spend a day traveling, a full day grading, a half day giving the seminar and a half day grading at the seminar, and a full day on the return flight home. I like to grade at the seminar because often a number of fanciers will travel in from surrounding areas to listen to me speak and this gives them an opportunity to bring pigeons for grading as well. In the past, my grading sessions on Friday have generated significantly more interest in many fanciers in the area by Saturday. The telephone is an amazing advertising tool!

It is the responsibility of the club that is sponsoring me to pay for all travel arrangements including airfare, lodging, and airport parking. I leave it up to the club how they want to pay for the seminar. If enough pigeons are guaranteed for grading, then I don’t charge for the seminar. This way, if the club is willing to do a little work, they can avoid the cost of a seminar. However, it might not be worth the time for the club to set up grading sessions, and therefore they may be willing to pay my fee for a seminar.

I would encourage you to read all the recommendations below before you contact me. If you have any questions about my giving a seminar for your club or concourse, please feel free to contact me. We can discuss my availability at that time.

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