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Horemans Sales Information

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Last Update (05-09-09)

Sorry it has taken me so long to update this page, and again sorry to those that have been asking about the status of various pigeons on this sales page. I should have updated it a while back, but I was pretty tied up in preparing my son Nick for a Jiu-jitsu tournament. There are still a few Horemans for sale, but I do not have time to post pictures of them. If you are interested in purchasing some Horemans contact me.

Of the pigeons pictured below, the first one is now in Taiwan. The next three, as well as several not pictured here, are still scheduled to go to Denmark later this year. The final pigeon has been sold.

I am going to leave these pictures up here for now so that fanciers can see some representation of my family of pigeons, and because it makes it easier to access the pedigrees.

So far, 2009 has been a very good year, and I want to thank everyone for their business.




07 Book 7799 BB C - Sold to Taiwan



As you can see in the pedigree this is a highly inbred pigeon, which I refer to as my Double Doubles. This pigeon has been specifically bred to cross out with other families to produce hybrids. As you can see, both parents are out of the Super Pair and both have been excellent producers for me. Hint: It would be easy to make the same mistake that everyone made with 07 Book 7768 last year. Price $1,500.



08 Book 8833 BBWF H



08 Book 8833 BBSPL H - Sold

This is an excellent double backcross Verbart/ Horemans that is ready to be out-crossed. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Verbart hen are doing very well here in the United States and in Mexico. A fair amount of Jose Navarrow’s 2008 success in Mexico came from an almost identical mating.  This pigeon has a magnificent body conformation, and I believe she will be highly successful.  Price $1,000.



07 Book 7799 BB C



07 Book 7799 BB C - Sold

Two years ago, I borrowed a black hen from Dave Hunsicker.  She had been an outstanding racer for him, and I thought that she would really complement my family of Horemans.  She was paired to the Pitbull, and they produced a number of super pigeons.  I am currently backcrossing two of the daughters back into my Horemans.  As I have gotten a lot of requests for pigeons out of this pair, I thought that I would post one here.  It may be the last pigeon ever sold out of the pair.  This cock was too young to breed last year, so this would be his first year of breeding.  His two sisters the Queen of Spades and 7705 have already proven to be two of my better breeders and I am currently breeding out of four children that were produced from these two hens. Price $1000.



07 Book 7789 BBWF H




07 Book 7789 BBWF H - Sold

I wanted to be able to offer two hens in this sale. The problem is that I have several hens tied up in another deal, and I am not sure how that deal will end. Therefore, to get a second hen, I had to post a pigeon that I really do not want to sell. Last year, in her first year of breeding, this hen produced four exceptional pigeons. Being that she is the daughter of one of my better breeding cocks, I would like to have the opportunity to mate this pigeon back to her father. After considering the situation, I came to the conclusion that because I still have both parents and a full brother that I like very much I would leave her fate up to you. She has two brothers and a sister that have all produced very well. 7789 is the mother to 8833 shown above. Price $1,500 



05 FVC 299 BB C



05 FVC 299 BB C - Sold

05 FVC 299 is directly out of the loft of Ed Lorenz.  I have only bred six youngsters out of this pigeon.  He was supposed to be one of the original six key foundation pigeons.  However, a year later, I had the opportunity to buy his younger brother the Pitbull, and because the Pitbull has a yellow eye, I have not really needed to use 299.  While I have a good mate for him this year, I thought I would offer him up and let you decide if I am going to use him or not. Price $1000



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7719 pedigree


7768 pedigree



7770 pedigree



7802 pedigree



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7812 pedigree

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