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Pigeon Magazines

Richard Clingan

Richard Clingan 1949-2007

After a long battle with cancer, Richard Clingan passed away in November of 2007. In his honor, I will continue to keep his picture here on my site. I shared many funny and enjoyable emails with Richard, and I wish that I could have had the opportunity to meet him in person. He was truly a class act.


Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell - Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

Jeff Howell is the new editor of the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal, and like Richard Clingan, Jeff has also proven to be a class act! If you have not read this magazine, please feel free to contact Jeff and see about subscribing.


Pigeon Fanciers

Steen Haagh Steen Haagh - Racing Pigeons in Denmark.

I have been very pleased to work with my good friend and student, Steen Haagh from Denmark, over the last several years. Steen's site is under construction.


Andy Skrobot Andy Skrobot - Le Tour des Maritimes

Over the years, I have worked with a number of fanciers, and without a doubt Andy Skrobot is one of my favorites! He is easy-going (as long as you are), and he does what he says he is going to do. What sets him aside from most is that he delivers a quality product every time. Andy comes with my highest recommendation! If you are doing any photo editing, consider hiring Andy!


Other Links

Movie about the Use of Pigeons in Combat

Alessandro Croseri, an independent film maker located in NYC, created "The Flight," a movie in memory of homing pigeons in combat.  The film is in the collection of the US Army Communications-Electronics Museum, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.  This is the museum where the history of the American war pigeons began and is kept alive today. Other links: A review of the film by Dr. Rick Wright, editor of "Winging It", an American Birding Association publication.

Ammed Ismail - Home to many of the old line Vic Miller pigeons