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Bill "The Book" Richardson

See introductions about Bill from Steven van Breemen (editor of Winning), Richard Clingan (editor of Australian Racing Pigeon Journal) and several other fanciers.

Bill "The Book" Richardson has been involved in pigeon racing for over 35 years. He grew up in Southern California and flew as a junior member in the 200-member Mountain Concourse where he quickly became a dominant flyer in young- and old-bird racing.

When Bill turned 18, he joined the USAF and was stationed in Germany. There he flew partners with a local fancier and visited many lofts in the area. In 1979, he moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he attended the University of Arizona. He has been an All-American award winner, Hall of Fame winner, and President's Cup winner. He is the only person in Tucson history to win at every old-bird race station in the same season.

In 1998, he purchased a number of imported van Hove and Verheyen Hofkens which are the foundation families for his current stock. His loft is founded around four lines of Hofkens: Merckx, Topman, Bird of Paradise, De Welches.

Bill only keeps 18 pairs of pigeons at this time. The competition for those 36 slots is very stiff, and his selection process is rigorous to say the least. On average, between 30 and 40 youngsters are selected at approximately 22 days of age from key pairs; these are kept for potential stock. Fewer than ten will make it into the breeding loft on any given year. To offset expenses, the rest are sold with very good results.

Bill has written over 40 articles that are currently printed in Winning Magazine and the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal. As his articles cover a broad spectrum of topics, Bill has become one of the most popular writers in the sport today. Bill has also been the guest speaker at several conventions. He gave his first seminar at the San Diego Clubhouse in 1987. Since then, he has given seminars at the Desert Classic in Phoenix, Arizona; two seminars at the FVC Snowbird race in California; the IF Convention in New York, and, more recently, a seminar for the Gopher State Auction in Minnesota. Bill has been invited to professionally grade many thousands of pigeons all over the USA.