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Notes from the Author

I want to thank Steven van Breemen for giving me my start as an author with his Winning Magazine. Being a little overwhelmed, I remember that I had to start that first article over several times before I could get it out. My editor, Jan McDonald, was new to pigeons back then, and I am sure that there were many times when she wondered where I was going with my writing. In fact, she used to say subtle things like, “Where the hell are you going with this?” Now she says things like, “Where the hell are you going, you idiot?” She feels like this personalizes it a little. And I thought you couldn’t have two wives here in America. Being the editor, I am sure somehow she will twist this all around to her advantage. I digress.

As many of you know, I have written approximately 40 articles for Winning Magazine. If you are familiar with Winning, you may have seen that these articles are also being translated into Dutch. Steven’s magazine is a fine product, and he does a great job putting it together every two weeks! Steven and I have become quite close over the last year, as during that period, we have exchanged many emails. If you are looking to purchase a subscription to a fantastic internet magazine, I would highly recommend Winning!

I have also had the good fortune to have my articles printed in the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal. This magazine is owned and edited by Richard Clingan. This is a really neat little paper edition that I have really grown to enjoy. As I have several friends in Australia, having my articles printed in this magazine has been a lot of fun. Here again, if you want a great little printed copy, the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal is the magazine for you. Richard ships this high-quality product all over the world, so don’t be afraid to ask for a subscription! We are very lucky to have people like Steven and Richard in this sport; through their hard work, they make this sport even more enjoyable for the rest of us!

My good friend and student, Steen Haagh from Denmark, has also asked to post my articles on his new website where he hopes to post them in English and Danish. I hope that Steen will also write some of his own articles because they are fun to read. I have been very pleased to work with Steen over the last three years, and I look forward to seeing his new site up and running!

While my articles will still be printed in these magazines, I have elected to post these articles here on my Hofkens International site for two weeks before they are released for reprint. Authorization to reprint these articles will require my written consent, of course, and, at this time, Steen, Steven, and Richard are the only people authorized to repost these articles.

Warning!!! My humor is not for everyone (especially my wife). We have been married for 24 years, and to her, that is not a laughing matter. However, for the sake of good copy, sometimes I take a little too much liberty with my descriptions of her and our relationship. In reality, she doesn’t hate pigeon fanciers quite the way I let on. No, so as not to offend anyone, I often clean it up a little. Instead, I would say it would be more accurate to say that she despises the entire sub-human culture of pigeon racing (her words, not mine). She is a lawyer, and, while I might not agree with her characterization, who am I to defend you against a fire-breathing dragon (figuratively speaking of course)? Please realize that these conversations are confidential and it is mostly in fun.

I hope that you will enjoy my articles, and, while I like to make an attempt at humor, there is far more to my writing than a few laughs, or so I like to think. My goal is to get each of you thinking in the process. I am not here to give you the answer; instead, my goal is to help you come up with your own answers. Too many fanciers spend too much time listening to what everyone else has to say instead of cleaning the rust off of their own brains and working through a problem.



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