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Article Editing by Karen

I would like to also mention that I have been using the editing services of one of my coworkers for my recent articles in the Digest. Her name is Karen, and she has done a wonderful job for me. I am mentioning this because I think that some fanciers would like to write, but they don't have anyone to review their work. If you are one of these people, contact Karen and I think that you will find that her prices for editing articles are reasonable. By the way, because I make so many changes, it is not practical to have her to edit my site, so if you are finding mistakes herein, she had nothing to do with it!


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Articles Written for the Digest by:

Jason Lin

Racing in Taiwan (06-03-09) New!!!

Kevin Tapply

Passing the Test (7-28-08) New

Doing it by the Book (3-28-08)

Charlie Barbiere

The Book on the Modern Day Horemans (2-25-08)

Rene Hansen

A Rare Chance at a Lasting Memory (01-01-08)

Input from Denmark (10-20-08)

New Articles Written by the "Book":

Short Stories of Possible Interest (01-03-10)

Developing a Feel for Pigeons (11-24-09)

An Excel...lent Program (09_09_09)

The Unflappable Marty Ladin (05-24-09)

The Unflappable Marty Ladin (05-24-09)

Creating Constants and Eliminating Variables(05-02-09)

Considering Your A, B, C's(03-20-09)


Considerations of Complications(01-11-09)


Old Article

General Thoughts on Loft Flying(9-11-08) New

Cyclical Event Testing(5-10-08) New

Thoughts on Health(4-9-08)

Grading, Behind the Scenes (3-2-08)

The Matrix (2-1-08)

Thoughts on Inbreeding (1-6-08)

Backcrossing (6-3-07)

The X-Factor continued, Part 1 (6-3-07)

The X-Factor continued, Part 2 (6-26-07)

The X-Factor continued, Part 3 (6-26-07)

The X-Factor continued, Part 4 (7-26-07)

The X-Factor continued, Part 5 (7-26-07)

Rules Are Made to Be Broken (3-30-07)

Heartless (3-2-07)

Another Colorful Mess (2-16-07)

The Day I Almost Ran Out of Words (12-15-06)

When One Family Just Isn't Enough, Part 1 (8-15-06)

When One Family Just Isn't Enough, Part 2 (8-15-06)

Centerpieces and Movers (5-11-06)

So Little Time, So Little to Say (4-28-06)

Lazy,Stupid and Married (4-10-06)

Size Really Does Count (4-2-06)

A Little Dog Treat (3-21-06)

A Systematic Lie, Part 5 (2-3-06)

A Systematic Lie, Part 4 (1-23-06)

A Systematic Lie, Part 3 (1-6-06)

A Systematic Lie, Part 2 (12-22-05 )

A Systematic Lie, Part I (12-9-05)

Confidence - The Other Side of the Wall (11-10-05)

The Aftermath of the Storm (11-1-05)

Acclimation (7-6-05)

A Land of Limbo (6-12-05)

A Man with Little Else to Do (4-25-05)

Tennessee Here We Come! (4-12-05)

Some Things to Think About (3-29-05)

The “L” Factor (3-5-05)

Articles below are not in order at this time.

I'll be updating this when I get a chance.

Form I - Athletes, Non-athletes and Conditioning

Form II - Athletes, Non-athletes and Conditioning

Form III - Athletes, Non-athletes and Conditioning

Form IV - The Circumstances behind Circumstance

My Teacher - Don Falkenborg

A Good Time with a Good Friend - Mauricio Jemal

The Makings of a Champion

The X-Factor and Flight Mentality

Diamonds Aren't Forever

I Have a Theory...

The Practical Aspects of Inbreeding

"Stratigery" and More...

Practical Line Breeding, Part I

Line Breeding, Part II

My Own Little World - Line Breeding, Part III

Noah and the Feed Room

The Relationship between Age and Quality

Possibilities, Versatility, and Initial Breeding Concepts

Exaggerations, Factorials and Combinations

We All Have to Start Somewhere

The Art of the Pedigree


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