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Tobacco Valley One Loft Race Average Speed Winner

"Better than Average"

Tobacco Valley One Loft Race -

325 Race Results

Average Speed Results
(October 2007)


“Better than Average” was bred by the “U” Cock (double inbred son of my Horemans Super Pair [see eye below] ) when paired with the Horemans hen “Redder than Most” (a top eight finisher at the 400 for Ed Lorenz on the last race Ed ever flew, and daughter to the Ed’s super racing champion, 97 FVC 1219 Mealy Cock [see eye below] ). This unique pigeons is currently waiting to be backcrossed to her father. I say unique, because this may be the smartest pigeon that I have ever worked with. She just sort of stands out in a group of pigeons that already stands out.

Better than Average picture


Eye of "Better than Average"

Eye of Better than Average picture


Father: 05 Book 903 "U" Cock



Mother: Redder than Most (400 mi winner)

Red 400 mile winner


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