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Tobacco page

Tobacco Valley One Loft Race Average Speed Winner
(Updated 2-02-08



bird_pics page


Horemans for Sale (Updated 05-09-09)



Thumb of Bill



Interview with Bill Richardson on Ali Stephen's website



Thumb of Silver


Additional Horemans Pictures
(Updated 2-02-08



Thumb of Pitbull


Original Horemans Racing Pigeons, Pictures of Pigeons and Eyes
(Updated 2-02-08


Thumb of Dun Hen

Check out the difference! Eye Pictures of two 2008 Horemans Young Birds
(Updated 5-31-08



Jiu-Jitsu Pics

Jiu-Jitsu Pictures
(Updated 05-02-09



Jeff Howell


Articles published in Australian Racing Pigeon Journal
(Updated 2-02-08



Denmark07 Page


2007 Trip to Denmark (Updated 2-02-08)


Nest Design


Nest Box Design
(Updated 3-01-08


Thumb to Eyepage


Horemans Eyesign Pictures (Updated 2-02-08)





Horemans Eyesign Pictures
(Updated 2-09-08



Dave Hunsicker


The Hunsicker Adventure
(Updated 2-23-08




Silver Cock Thumb


2008 Young Bird and Eye Pics
(Updated 9-07-08



(003 Thumb


2009 Eye Pics
(Updated 5-25-09


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