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World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championships 2009


Nick Jiu-Jitsu

Nick Richardson - 2nd Place World No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championships



Click here to see Nick's Semi-Final:

Nick's Semi-Final Match Against Former World Champion - Daniel Hornbuckle



After the convention we flew down to Los Angeles, California so that my son Nick could compete in the World No-gi Championships. After several very tough matches that included beating a former World Champion and just narrowly losing 2 - 0 to the current 3-time World Champion, 2-time Brazilian Champion and current European Champion, Nick took second place in the 188 LB. Purple Belt Division of the World Championships!!! By any standard, this was an amazing finish, especially since this was only his second no-gi competition. It is the highest award ever received by his school (De Brazil in Tucson, Arizona), and the highest award ever received by a Tucson competitor for a no-gi competiton. What made this even more special was the fact that it all happened on my 51st Birthday.

Nick Jiu-Jitsu

On the medal podium: First Place - Lucas Rocha (Left Center) Brazil, Gracie Barra; Second Place - Nick Richardson (Left) USA, Carlson Gracie Team - De Brazil; Third Place - Thomas Beach (Right Center) Canada, Toronto BJJ; Third Place - Daniel Hornbuckle (Right) USA, Graci Humaita


Nick Jiu-Jitsu

Nick in the finals against 3-Time World Champion Lucas Rocha of Brazil



Long Beach Pyramid

Long Beach Pyramid At Closing

These pictures were taken during the last couple of matches of the event. The event started at approximately 9:00am and finished at 9:00 pm. It is hard to say how many people attended overall, as many spectators came to support a particular competitor and then left the arena. At the peak, I would guess there were around 5000 sepctators and it probably averaged 2000 spectators throughout the day.


Nick Jiu-Jitsu.

Nick Richardson

Arizona State 194 lb. Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu Champion

Another Day Another Excellent Result!!!

Well, the Southwestern Classic is now behind us and once again, Nick has won the 194 lb. division of the Southwestern Classic division (Sometimes refered to as the Arizona State Championships). Nick was forced to take an entire month off just prior to the previous Desert Quest Tournament, which occured in Septmeber. As a result, Nick was forced to compete at 205 pounds because there just wasn't time to diet down. Since then, Nick has dropped approximately 15 pounds of weight to compete in the 194 lb. weight division. Although 205 will eventually be his more natural competition weight, he feels that right now he is quicker and stronger in this weight division. Unfortunately, I was positioned on the far side of the floor, and Gi's tend to cover up what is really going on, so the pictures were pretty uneventful this time around. Nick won both matches using his signature move the Clock Choke. Nick is wrestling really well righ now. He will now take a couple of days off before he begins to prepare for the World No-Gi Championships in Los Angles in November.


Nick Jiu-Jitsu

Nick Richardson - September 2009 Desert Quest 202 Pound Division Winner for both Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu


Nick Jiu-Jitsu


Nick pulling guard on a competitor. At first glance, it may look like Nick is in trouble and that his opponent is about to go around his guard, but not so fast. Look at the picture a little closer. Notice Nick's hand firmly around the opponent's ankle and his left leg wrapped around his opponent's leg and planted firmly in his opponent's crotch (you ca see the bottom of Nick's foot sticking through).


Nick Jiu-Jitsu


Remember those days back in school? "Duck and Cover" Well appareltly it works better agains A-bombs than it does against Nick. This defense is called the turtle, but you know what happens when a turtle gets rolled over on its back. Right now Nick appears to be swabbing the turtle's ear.


Nick Jiu-Jitsu


At 200 pounds, Nick may look thin, but tell me that when he is laying on top of you. Better yet, ask this guy what he thinks as he is being smothered and headed into a arm lock. What saves this guy is time runs out, in about a second, but not before he loses 16 to nothing.

Nick Jiu-Jitsu

Here, Nick opponent appears to be all wrapped up in what he is doing, which will be going to sleep if he doesn't tap.


Nick Jiu-Jitsu

Nick in the championship round against a very crafty veteran wrestler. Although older, the guy was both strong and experienced. However, here he is about to be swept over on his side. Notice that Nick has the leg trapped and he has the underhook on his opponent's arm. He is also pushing with the leg on the other side, and over he goes!

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