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2007 Trip to Denmark

Denmark statue

Book and Flemming Christensen in Esbjerg, Denmark visiting the famous 1995 sculpture “Men meet the Sea”

Pictures from trip to Denmark

Denmark picture

Grading at the Vejle clubhouse on the Danish peninsula of Jutland.

Grading at the Esbjerg clubhouse on the Danish peninsula of Jutland.

A private grading at the loft of Rune "The Funny Man." Rune is the collector of many fine pigeons!

Well, the Danish trip is behind me now, and I am attempting to recover the three weeks of my life that I missed on this side of the ocean.  Three weeks is a very long time to be away, and, unfortunately, it came too close to the upcoming breeding season.  Therefore, I am not only trying to catch up on what I missed, but I now need to move forward with some construction activities on my breeding loft.

This trip was much more complicated than last time, but I still had a very good time visiting with my friends.  It is good that I came back when I did, because the Danish women are such great cooks that within another couple of weeks, I might not have met the weight restrictions for the airplane!

Rene Hansen, Flemming Christensen and I spent a full week in Jutland, which is the peninsula that extends off the northern portion of Germany and creates the what is known as the mainland of Denmark.  During that period, the three of us developed quite a bond, and having gone through something like this together, we were either going to hate each other or be friends for life.  Since we are still talking, I would assume that we will be friends for life!  This was a very demanding portion of the trip, as we looked at approximately 2,000 of the overall 3,000 pigeons during that week and on some days the grading pace hit 100 pigeons per hour, which makes for a very long day. 

Between traveling in the mornings and grading in the afternoon and seminars at night, the days were very compressed, and there was very little time for standing around talking.  In some ways, I would like to have had more time to visit with the fanciers; however, before the sessions there isn’t time, and after the sessions, I am usually too tired.  During the sessions, Rene and Flemming protected me from conversation, because many fancier are compelled to inform me about their pigeons before I have a chance to finish grading them.  Since they are paying me, I want to give them my opinion, not hear their opinion.  Otherwise, they would do better to save their money!

During one day of our visit to Ringkorbing on the western coast of Jutland, there was a rather constant cold wind of about 20 miles per hour.  As we graded a little over 500 pigeons on that day, we were very fortunate to be located inside a very nice barn right next to a window.  I don’t know who had it worse, me or Flemming and Rene.  They had to stand, but got to move around some, while I sat pretty much motionless in a chair for the day.  Either way, it was hard to keep warm!

On one of the two days that we had off during the trip, Rene, Flemming, and I had a great time visiting the street mall, sculpture “Man meets the Sea,” (see picture) and marine museum in Esbjerg.  As a costal town, Esbjerg was the center of the fishing industry for well over 100 years, and the marine museum really pounds home exactly how hard that life could be.  Fortunately, on that day weather was perfect, and it gave us a little time to relax.  If you are ever planning to visit Denmark for a vacation, I highly recommend Esbjerg!

Outside of visiting Jutland, I spent the rest of the tip in my favorite hotel on small peninsula of Reerso that extends out from the western shore of the Island of Zealand.  Rest assured that I was well taken care of by, Inga, the assistant at the Inn.  Every morning she was up bright and early preparing my breakfast, and since it was often early and no one else was around, we had many conversations about the differences between Denmark and the United States. 

During the stay in Reerso, the weather was very nice, but I will say that you can see how easy it can be for the Danes to get their pigeons caught up in bad weather, as it can be sunny one minute and cloudy and/or raining the next.  While I was there, I had the good fortune to go on many early morning walks through the countryside, and some mornings it would be cold with fog, mist, or a light drizzle, and then an hour later a strong wind would be blowing and the sun would come out.

The Zealand portion of the trip was a little more relaxed, and during the evenings, Rene, Flemming, Steen, and Keld all held family get-togethers.  This was also my opportunity to either meet or reacquaint myself with all of the wonderful wives on this trip.  Again, the meals were simply amazing, and I would like to thank Karen, Gurli, and Lisa for their hospitality!

Before closing, I would like to say that through an apparent mix-up in scheduling, we were unable to make a scheduled visit to Alborg.  Unfortunately, the Alborg trip somehow got scheduled on Sunday, the day before my return home, and as it was approximately 400 miles round trip, and between a seminar and grading, the day would have taken at least 15 hours to complete, and coupled with a 24-hour trip home the next day, I was forced to cancel that portion of the trip.  For those inconvenienced by this cancelation, I share your disappointment because Alborg was a very enjoyable visit on my first trip to Denmark.

In all, while the trip was probably too compressed, there were still many enjoyable moments, and although the Jutland portion of the trip was difficult for Rene, Flemming, and myself, I think we are all better off for having done it.

As a final note, more pictures will be added to this site over time.  There were a lot of pictures taken, and Rene is trying to cut them down to a smaller group of pictures.    


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