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Well, it has taken some time, but I finally have an article together about the Van Loon/Vic Miller pigeon. For some reason, this article was not easy for me to write, and I rewrote it several times to get it to this point. Now maybe I can get onto writing about something else.

There really isn't anything new and intersting to write about at this time of year. The pigeons are molting and, at this stage, they are not a lot of fun to look at, but in a few months when they have thier new feathers, they will look beautiful again or so they tell me! Like most of you, I am waiting for the one-loft races to get started. I wish all of you the best with your young bird racing!

If you have any interest in Jiu-Jitsu, I plan to keep some of the pictures available, but I am going to try to consolidate several of the pages. Also, please feel free to see the Articles Page, which contains close to 80 of the 120 or so articles I have written. Just click the "Articles" in the choices above.


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I have moved the Variety Matrix to a page of its own.

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